A Passive Investment in Real Estate

Our non-institutional, high yield investments program allows you to diversify your portfolio with a real estate limited partnership, while you earn yields between 4.5% and 6.5%.

Invest for as little as 6 months up to 3 years with the option to renew at the end of your term at the current interest rate. We don’t charge any investment or maintenance fees. It’s a simple way to protect your principal while boosting your yields. What other high yield funds offer that?

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Why Jakob Pek Fund?

Our fund was designed as a non-institutional, alternative investment solution for accredited investors seeking higher returns through real estate strategies. Founder and General Partner, Emma Levin, launched Jakob Pek Fund in 2013, as an outcome of 26 years of financial expertise designing and building investment products for notable financial institutions in New York City. Today, Jakob Pek Fund is one of the few, non-institutional alternative investment opportunities in the United States offering high yield investment options backed by real estate.

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The Jakob Pek Promise:

Our fund will diversify your portfolio with a safe high yield investment that protects your principal while earning you more.

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Low Risk100%
No Fees100%
We project to invest $75 million in real estate mortgages for 2015, which will earn our Investors $4.5 million in interest combined.

Why a Real Estate Limited Partnership?

Investors are constantly searching for ways beyond traditional investments to achieve the financial results they’re looking for. An alternative investment such as a limited partnership, may improve the risketurn characteristics of an investment portfolio while increasing asset diversification. Through our high yield investment, we can help you acquire the results you’re looking for, while diversifying and offsetting overall risk to your portfolio.

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How to Invest

Interested individuals, who meet the qualifying criteria and minimum investment requirement of $10,000 USD for a Limited Partnership, can proceed to invest. Upon completion of the non-obligatory questionnaire, you’ll have the option to download the Prospectus and Subscription Agreement for further information.

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Your Benefits at Jakob Pek Fund

We are a private investment fund focused on growing your future. We don’t charge management fees, brokerage fees, or any other fees to invest. It’s that simple. Your money is yours, no matter how much you make with us. Other investment firms will “hard-sell” clients on investments that may not be in their best interest, just for the sake of a higher commission. Unlike those financial firms, we offer our investors a safe, high yield investment option expertly designed by a NYC financier with over 20 years of investment experience.

How Our Fund Works

Our high yield investment fund has been strategically designed to protect the principal investment of our investors while minimizing risk and boosting yields. Capital from our limited partnership investors allows us to issue private mortgages to other pre-selected, real estate investors seeking residential mortgage loans. Jakob Pek Fund is the primary lien holder on each loan, securing all high-yield investments with real estate collateral in case of default. In order to further minimize risk to our investors, we have chosen to operate in states in which our limited partnerships will benefit from.

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Fact Sheet

View our 2014 annual report for investments made in real estate mortgages for private, real estate investors, through Limited Partnership agreements.

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Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Earn Annual Yields up to 6.5%

▪   High yield investment
▪   Predetermined fixed interest rate
▪   Limited liability for investors
▪   No fees required to invest
▪   Invest for 6 months up to 3 years
▪   Real estate limited partnership

Ready for your high yield investment? Give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.