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What is an LP?

A Limited Partnership (LP) is a partnership formed for the purpose of a business venture. The purpose of the JPF fund is to provide private mortgages to real estate investors, secured by property collateral. An LP is comprised of one General Partner and 1 or more Limited Partners. JPF is the General Partner and Accredited Investors can invest into a partnership with minimum $10,000 USD. Each investment of $10,000 is considered as one (1) LP. Investors can invest in as many LPs as they see fit.

What is a renewable promissory note?

Jakob Pek HYIP Fund provides a renewable, unsecured promissory note, to investors, as a promise to pay investment value of LP(s) and any interest accrued during investment term(s). These notes represent JPF’s obligation to repay all investments with interest.Upon maturity date, with your note, you can elect to redeem your investment and any accrued interest. However, if you do not elect redemption at maturity, the note will automatically renew for another term and continue to earn interest at the current applicable rate.

What are the available terms and interest rates?

We provide investment terms that extend from 6 months to 3 years. Conditional to JPF’s capital needs, specific investment terms may not always be available. Upon investment or renewal, interest rates will be determined by the maturity term and total capital of investment into LP. For current rates, visit our LP Interest Rates page.

How is the interest calculated and paid?

Interest is compounded daily, at an annual rate, based on a 365-day year. Interest accrued, along with principal investment, is payable on maturity date of investment term. A certified check in the amount of principal investment and accrued interest will be sent via mail. If a payment date falls on a weekend, or federal holiday, payment will be made on the following business day.

Will my interest rate change during the note term?

No. The fixed interest rate on the promissory note issue date remains unchanged until the note matures. If you choose to renew your note at maturity, the interest rate for the new term will be the rate then being offered to holders with similar portfolio amounts for notes with the same term; or the rate specified by JPF if the company is not then issuing new notes with the same term.

How do I purchase a LP?

To speak with a representative, call 888-950-1143. If you agree you are qualified to be an Accredited Investor, please read the prospectus, including the provision ‘Risk Factors’ and all other materials throughout the website. If you conclude that a Limited Partnership is an appropriate investment option for you and you agree you are an Accredited Investor, complete attached Subscription Agreement and provide a check payable to Jakob Pek HYIP Fund, LP, for the full amount of your investment, with minimum $10,000(1 LP) or total price of multiple LPs.If you want to purchase multiple LPs for several investors (for example, as a custodian for your children), you will need to complete separate subscription agreements. If you want to purchase multiple LPs for several investors (for example, as a custodian for your children), you will need to complete separate subscription agreements. Mail your check and completed last 3 pages of subscription agreement to: Jakob Pek HYIP Fund, LP Att: Processing Department, PO BOX 6082 East Brunswick, NJ 08816

What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

Minimum investment into a Limited Partnership with JPF is $10,000. There are no maximum amount or odd amounts. For example, investments in the amount of $7,592.68 are not acceptable. Each LP (1) requires a $10,000 investment. For multiple LP investments made at the same time, you can add half of one (1) LP to each LP purchased. For example, you can invest $10,000 or $15,000 or $20,000 or $25,000, etc.

Are alternative investments for all investors or do you need to meet certain threshold requirements?

Not all alternative investments require investors to be accredited. A perfect example is purchasing real estate as an investment property. This is an alternative investment in which you need to have the capital to buy or be qualified for a mortgage. On the other hand, our Limited Partnerships do require investors to be accredited. For more information on Accredited Investor requirements, visit our Prospectus page.

Can I purchase LP in my IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) or Keogh?

Yes, if you are an accredited Investor and your custodian allows investments in securities that are not DTC eligible. Your investment custodian should complete the last 3 pages of Subscription Agreement and the entity that will own the LP should be identified next to the Form of Ownership box entitled ‘Other Investor’. The address of the custodian should be listed as the primary address. Your address should be listed as the secondary address, so you can receive copies of the correspondence sent to the custodian. The custodian should issue the check for your investment. Self Direct IRA or Self Direct SEP IRA accounts allows you to invest money in Limited Partnerships. In this case the accrued interest and the principal will be paid with certified check to the name of your Self-direct IRA or SEP accounts.

What happens after I invest?

After your Subscription Agreement is accepted, you will receive the promissory note for your investment that includes pertinent information about the LP purchased such as the note number, the issue date, maturity date and the interest rate. You will also receive quarterly statements that summarize the activity in your account and a Schedule K-1 Form, each January that lists the interest income that was reported to the Internal Revenue Service for the previous matured note.

Are only cash interest payments reported to the Internal Revenue Service?

Yes, all accrued interest paid at Maturity date is reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

Can I change my mind after investing in a LP?

Yes. You can rescind your initial investment within five business days of the postmarked date of your purchase confirmation, without incurring an early redemption penalty. If you rescind your investment, JPF will promptly return the principal amount of your LP. You will not earn any interest for the days your note was outstanding. You may also be eligible to rescind your initial investment for other reasons, which are further described in the prospectus.

Do I pay a fee for investing in a LP?

No. You will never pay a commission to invest, renew or redeem a LP.

What happens when my note matures?

You will be notified one month prior to maturity due date. You will receive current available rates and term periods for your Capital as well as a letter with options and for a future course of action. These options include the following:

  • Unless otherwise directed, your LP and accumulated interest will automatically be reinvested for a term equal to the original term at the current interest rate being offered to other holders with similar note portfolios for notes with the same term. If notes of the same term are not then being offered, the interest rate upon renewal will be the rate specified by JPF on or before the maturity date or the rate of the existing note, if no such rate is specified.
  • You can opt to reinvest the principal and receive the accrued interest upon maturity date. Your principal will be reinvested for a term equal to the original term at the interest rate than being offered to other holders with similar note portfolios for notes with the same term. If notes of the same term are not then being offered, the interest rate upon renewal will be the rate specified by JPF on or before the maturity date or the rate of the existing note if no such rate is specified.
  • You can elect redemption of your note. LP principal investment amount plus accrued interest will be returned to you. If you choose this option, your note will not earn any interest on or after the maturity date.
  • You can choose to reinvest your LP with a different term period and interest rate. The issue date of the new note will be the maturity date of the old note. You will need to complete a new Subscription Agreement and invest in a new note.

Can I sell my LP prior to maturity?

No. There is no secondary market for selling a LP. A Limited Partnership is not a negotiable instrument and cannot be transferred without the prior written consent of JPF. If you decide to liquidate your investment prior to maturity, you must request JPF consent for a transfer, or an early re-purchase of your LP, which may incur a penalty.

What are the risks related to the Limited Partnership?

There is some level of risk involved with the investment of capital into a Limited Partnership. Loss of principal invested in LP along with any accrued interest can occur in the event JPF encounters serious financial difficulties. Please read ‘Risk Factors’ section of Prospectus for further information on risks related to Limited Partnerships. Only suitable accredited investors should consider investing into a LP.

Are the notes insured?

No. Notes are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) or any other agency or company. They are obligations of JPF only.

Are the notes rated?

JPF has not requested a rating for the notes. However, third parties may independently rate them.

Are the LP secured by any collateral?

Yes. Notes are secured by real estate collateral. One (1) or more Limited Partnerships are assigned to each property. JPF is holds liens on all properties.

What are the priorities of the Limited Partner?

The Limited Partner has no priorities in the Limited Partnership. Please read the Agreement of Limited Partnership entitled “No Priority” for further information. If JPF encounters serious financial difficulties, debts payments to higher priority creditors would take precedence over payments to the note holders.

How long has JPF been offering Limited Partnerships?

JPF began offering Limited Partnerships, with promissory notes, as of June 2013.

Where can I find a Jakob Pek Fund branch?

Jakob Pek Fund does not have expensive, physical branch locations. This allows us to save costs and provide our investors with highly competitive interest rates on their investments. We do have a dedicated P.O. Box and office in New Jersey, where all investments are received and processed. Should you have any questions, our representatives are available by email or by phone during our business hours listed on the Contact Us page.

What if I have more questions?

Any questions regarding investing in a Limited Partnership, notes, or to request additional information should be directed to 800-950-1143.