High-Yield Investment Solution
for Asset Allocation

Introducing our Real Estate Limited Partnerships

A safe high-yield investment solution that may improve the risketurn characteristics of your portfolio while you earn higher yields.

Alternative Investments

Market volatility, low yields and unpredictable economies are motivating unsatisfied investors to search for ways beyond traditional investments to achieve their financial goals.

A Real Estate Limited Partnership with Jakob Pek Fund, may help boost your returns while diversifying and offsetting overall risk to your portfolio. When compared to traditional investment products, alternative investments such as our Limited Partnerships, can provide significantly lower volatility and promising returns.

Real estate, however, may still be subject to changing market cycles and interest rates. Always refer to Prospectus and Subscription Agreement for full risk and investment disclosure.

Investing in Our Real Estate Limited Partnerships

Our Limited Partnerships (LPs) were created as a safe alternative for accredited investors looking to improve their returns and keep their money safe. Our non-institutional, Real Estate Limited Partnerships require a minimum investment of $10,000.00 USD. Depending on your investment amount and term, you’ll earn annual yields between 4.5% and 6.5%. View our interest rates here. Promissory notes are always issued by Jakob Pek Fund for Limited Partners as an obligation to repay initial capital investment, upon maturity.


Our Responsibility

Our firm is considered the General Partner in all of our Limited Partnership investments. Jakob Pek Fund is responsible and fully liable for the daily operations and decision making behind all of our real estate ventures that yield returns back to our investors. Our fund is also legally responsible for any debts associated with our Limited Partnerships.

Investor’s Responsibility

As an accredited investor, you are recognized as a Limited Partner of Jakob Pek Fund. You are only responsible for any capital you decide to invest into a Real Estate Limited Partnership with us. You don’t have an active or decision-making role in any of our business ventures and you are not personally liable for any debts associated with your Limited Partnership. You can consider it a passive investment in real estate.

Investor Resources

With so many financial products and high yield funds to chose from, making a wise investment decision can seem more like a challenge than a step towards your financial goals. Jakob Pek Fund is dedicated to growing our client’s wealth through a safe high-yield investment solution without requiring our investors to have a high tolerance for risk. Our clients understand the value of balancing their portfolios with solid investments that safeguard their money while it continues to grow for years to come.

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Fact Sheet

We currently manage over $47 million of our clients’ assets. Click below to view our 2014 annual report for investments made in real estate mortgages for private, real estate investors through Real Estate Limited Partnership agreements.

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High Interest Investment

With Jakob Pek Fund, you’re not required to risk it all to earn better returns. Discover how our Real Estate Limited Partnerships can work for both your short and long-term financial goals. Learn how you can start earning annual yields between 4.5% – 6.5%.

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Ready to start earning more with a safe high-yield investment? On our Prospectus page you will answer our non-obligatory accredited investor questionnaire and download our Prospectus and Subscription Agreement.

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