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Our Philosophy

Jakob Pek Fund was founded in response to the increasing demand for an accelerated, less tedious process to obtain a mortgage for real estate investment opportunities. The Jakob Pek Fund, provides accredited investors with the opportunity to invest in private, conventional mortgages by creating a fund in which private loans can be supplied to accredited real estate investors. Our Fund allows real estate investors to acquire investment properties while simultaneously increasing capital return to our Limited Partnerships.

Our Mission

At Jakob Pek, our mission is to increase your capital, preserve your savings and grow your future. Our main purpose is to provide our investors with an easy and safe way to invest in US real estate, without the unnecessary intermediary services of a regular bank. In an everchanging financial market, our program allows you to keep your investments safe and secure, while preserving and increasing your initial capital at a predetermined, interest rate.

We strive to offer our investors the opportunity to earn more while risking less, as they diversify their investment portfolios with both, institutional and non-institutional financial products.

Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Earn Annual Yields up to 6.5%

  • High-yield investment
  • Predetermined interest rate
  • Limited liability for investors
  • No fees required to invest
  • Invest for 6 months up to 3 years
  • Real estate investment partnership
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