Why We Are Different

A Limited Partnership with us will help you earn more and grow your future

Investing in Our Limited Partnerships

Our Limited Partnerships were created for accredited investors to engage in real-estate ventures, for a predetermined period of time, while earning a high-yield return on their investments. Accredited investors have the opportunity to invest into a non-institutional, Limited Partnership, with minimum $10,000.00 USD and earn up to a 6% interest rate, contingent upon investment value and term. Upon approval, accredited investors become Limited Partners. Promissory notes are issued by JPF for Limited Partners as an obligation to repay initial capital investment, upon maturity.

Mortgages for Real Estate Investors

The Fund provides approved, real estate investors with the opportunity to obtain a predetermined, mortgage loan, at a fixed rate. JPF holds exclusive liens on properties as collateral, until the mortgage loan has been paid off. Because the mortgages we offer cannot exceed 50% of the property appraisal, we can ensure Investors will receive minimum risk against market volatility by ensuring a resale value that protects investment principal.

LP Interest Rates

Your money shouldn’t be sitting around in some account earning pennies. Low risk, high-yield investment options can improve your financial situation and your future.

Our commitment to you:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • High-yield interest bearing
  • No monthly maintenance fees

Quick View

At Jakob Pek Fund, we are dedicated to increasing the capital of our investors through our Limited Partnerships. Our non-institutional, financial product, is one-of-a-kind, designed to provide high returns, while maintaining minimal risk. We don’t believe in broker fees, maintenance fees, or any other fees for investing with us and we don’t have expensive branch locations, which allows us to offer our investors highly competitive interest rates on their investments.

We know financial freedom is attainable.100%
We Understand Real Estate100%
We Master Low-Risk Investment Opportunities100%
We Don’t Believe In Broker Fees, Maintenance Fees, or Any Other Fees for Investing100%

We understand that one of the most secured, lowisk, investment opportunities is real estate, which is why we secure all of our Limited Partnerships through real estate properties. We know financial freedom is attainable. It’s just a matter of how long you’re willing to wait to get there.